Ms. Tyler Lawless

Tyler started karate when she was 8 years old because her parents thought it would be fun. As with many other kids, Tyler had other sports she was involved in and took a break from karate during middle school. She later realized how much she missed being at the dojo. Upon her return, martial arts began to influence her life much more than it had in the past, both in and outside of the dojo.

She began her training again now with a completely different set of goals than before. Facing all of the pressures that come with being in High School, Tyler’s martial arts training has given her the ability to overcome these obstacles with ease. Her goal is to use her training to be a positive role model for all of the students at NGMA.

May 2015 – Promoted to Shodan – 1st Degree Black Belt

February 2018 – 1st Place North American Grappling Association 145lb and 175lb Divisions